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Week in the life – Monday

13 Sep

A few notes about my day:

  • I really hate waking up late.  Though I didn’t mention it below, I forgot to pack a lunch last night and was thus stuck eating cafeteria food today because I didn’t have time to make anything this morning.  Yuck.
  • I start my weekdays early and end them (somewhat) late, even compared to some of my classmates.  I like taking a long break around dinner time for a few reasons: it’s perfect quality time for me and B (who goes to bed earlier than I do), and I am an evening gym-goer.
  • More on this in a later post, but it is critical to make sure that you do not neglect your health and fitness while in law school.  We have been in session for about a month, and it is already clear that law school negatively affecting the health and well-being of some of my classmates.

6:00: wake up…late.   I had a really difficult time falling asleep last night and thus also waking up this morning.  Not a great way to start a Monday.  Luckily I was only a few minutes late getting out the door

6:45-7:50: commute to school.  I live a bit of a distance from my school, and realized this would be the case when we were picking out an apartment.  I’ve commuted to work in the past, so this isn’t too difficult of an adjustment for me.  (I can imagine that if I were coming straight from undergrad where everything was five minutes from my apartment that it would be different.)  It does mean that I like to be on my way out the door early (6:30) to avoid any traffic on my route.

7:50-9:30: Library time- printing out briefs for the day’s classes, checking my email, going over notes from classes last week, etc.

9:30-12:00 – my two morning classes

12:00-1:30: lunching and library time  (my school doesn’t technically have a ‘lunch hour’ of sorts, but I don’t believe there are any classes running between 12:30 and 1:30pm)

1:30-3:30: afternoon class

3:30-5:30: more library time; lots of back and forth discussion with a classmate over a confusing case

5:30-6:20: commute home

6:30-9:30: dinner, cleaning, gym, neighborhood walk, a bit of reading  – I like my down time during the day at this time

9:30-11:00: proofreading a writing assignment, making tomorrow’s lunch

11:00: bedtime!


Week in the life- Sunday

12 Sep

I thought it would be interesting (okay, maybe just for me!) to chronicle one week in my life as a law student each semester (more often?) so I can look back and remember exactly what my days were like – and maybe even how much fun I was having.  Sunday is always the start of a new week in my mind- so I figured I would start today, even though my school week starts tomorrow.

A few notes- at my school, all 1Ls and most 2Ls have classes Monday-Friday.  As of right now, I actually really like this schedule.  As a trade-off, we have one or two days each week that are lighter than others.  My classes are between 9:00am and 3:30 pm every day this semester.  While I like having all of my classes during the day, that could change as early as next semester.

Lastly, Sunday has always been my lightest homework-ing day.  I like to stay ahead a few days in class, so I generally begin my weekend homework on Thursday evening.

Here’s what today looked like:

7:45 am- wake up (ahh, sleeping in!)

8:00-10:00am – trip to the gym, watched a lot of the 9/11 coverage while riding one of the bikes; then we took a long-er route home than usual to help us get a feel for our new town

10:00am-noon: did lots of reading for Legal Writing (ironic?), and B made a breakfast

12:00-1:00- cleaning and a shower

1:00-4:00 pm- more studying, a snack-y lunch (pita and hummus and grapes) and a bit more unpacking

4:00-5:00- nap (gotta sleep where you can!)

5:00-6:30- more reading for Legal Writing while B made dinner

6:30-7:15- dinner, relaxing outside, and kitchen clean-up

7:15-7:50- made my lunch for tomorrow (sandwich, an apple, and a granola bar) and set my clothes and coffee mug out for the morning

8:00-9:00- write two briefs for the cases to be discussed in my classes tomorrow

9:00-10:00- put my week’s schedule into my planner while watching something on Netflix and then get ready for bed.

10:30- bedtime!

A week in the life of a law student

11 Sep

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to do a week-long series of ‘day in the life posts’ of law school. Stay tuned!

Sometimes it’s the little things

8 Sep

All of the following are making me very happy right now:

  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • cool mornings
  • rainbow highliters
  • gel ink pens
  • real Coke (not diet) enjoyed on occasion
  • TJ’s Mandarin Orange chicken
  • bike rides
  • Netflix instant play
  • dry shampoo
  • settling into a new space
  • finding awesome deals at Goodwill
  • end-of-season farmers markets
  • country music
  • my morning hot tea with coffee creamer
  • Saturday morning car rides
…because, sometimes it’s the little things that really make all the difference.  🙂

Four day week!

6 Sep

One day of classes down, three to go. I love three-day weekends in so many ways.  Not only because they mean more weekend, but also because they mean a shorter work/school week.

Interesting trend in my classes.  I’ve already noticed people really dressing down for class.  Lots more sweatpants, sweatshirts, baseball caps, etc.  I’m not judging (I haven’t been nearly as nicely dressed as some people) but I do find it noteworthy.  I was under the impression that people would stay dressed up for a bit longer.

Not only is this week a short one, but it is also one that is low on readings.  I’m going to try to use the extra time to get a day or so ahead in most of my classes.  (Unfortunately I have one class that the professor makes it impossible to plan ahead for.)   Though I don’t always read cases the ‘right’ way, or pull ‘enough’ information from them, my highliter briefs are pretty nailed down and I am getting better at writing my actual briefs.  (Note to future 1Ls.  Yes, you really should brief every case you read, at least for your first semester.  The majority of 3Ls that I’ve met admit that they do not brief every case – and that they generally pick and choose by class.

It’s September!

4 Sep

I love September-a whole lot.  And what’s not to love?  It’s the month of county fairs, cooling temperatures (at least where I am), transitioning wardrobes, the ‘real’ beginning of a school year- sure, you may go back in August, but all of the work seems to begin in earnest in September.

And let’s not forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Rumor has it that they’re already out at the Starbucks in my town.  I’m not a huge Sbux fan, but this is one drink that I think they’ve pretty well perfected.  A latte and an early morning walk might be the way to start my Labor Day!

This year, my September weekends are going to be full of plans.  (Well, not full- there will be plenty of time for school of course!)  You see, we moved to an entirely different part of the country for my school.  It’s the perfect chance to explore somewhere new and different for a bit.  While our post-graduation plans are entirely up in the air at this point (as I suppose they should be), it is nice to take the perspective that we only have a few years here and should fill them with as much living and traveling as we possibly can.

Happy Saturday!

3 Sep

I have a weekend full of studying ahead of me.  Le sigh.  Occasionally I find myself sitting here (in the library) on a Saturday and wondering whether or not this is really what I want to be doing with my time.  I could be on a bike ride, taking an end-of-summer vacation, playing with friends, shopping, sleeping in…(what’s that?!) etc.

But then I remember that I want to be a lawyer in three years.

And I’m brought back to reality pretty quickly.

Future me is a great check for the mopey, current me.  Reading for a million hours each week doesn’t seem so bad when I remember that this is only a stage.  A stage that all lawyers have to get through.

So then I sit back and re-read cases for the fifth time, making sure that my briefs look just right, and try to enjoy the experience as much as I can.

It really is all about mindset.  And when I choose to look at this material for what it actually is (extremely interesting) rather than how much work there is, I can almost always remind myself that hey- I actually am enjoying this!