Start your class outlines early!

23 Oct

Yes, it’s October, and yes- I’m already starting my outlines for my final exams.  As a midterm, I was forced to begin an outline for one of my classes.  (That is some hand-holding that I will gladly take; I appreciate the fact that we were required to turn our outline in because it made all of us at least start to work on it.)

One of the reasons that I am starting now is because I want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving.  I think that your average American law student does the bulk of his/her outlining over their Thanksgiving holiday.  While I do plan to do some work over the weekend, I don’t want to be attached to my computer at all times.  I want to be able to enjoy all of the festivities that everyone else is – and then just sneak away during the relaxing times for an hour or two of outlining/reading.

I am hoping that my outlines are enough to prepare me for finals.  At the suggestion of a 3L, I’ve been putting together ‘reviews’ of my classes every few weeks.  After midterms I also started taking much more detailed reading notes.  Doing that helped me feel more prepared for class, which helped me (at least I think) get more out of each class.


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