The final stretch…

27 Nov

I seriously cannot believe that my first semester of law school is (finally) coming to an end.  At times, this semester went incredibly fast.  At others, the amazing amounts of stress and work made it feel like it was creeping by at barely a snail’s pace.

In about three weeks, I will only have five semesters of craziness left to go.  Right now I cannot see the light at the end of that tunnel.  I can barely see anything, after staring at my computer screen for hours upon hours whilst making outlines and re-reading cases.

My days are scheduled to the hour right now, and my calendar is col0r-coded based on what subject I should be reviewing each hour.  I had a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner and then swore off alcohol until after finals.   I try to make the gym every day, at least for a quick run, so I can sleep better at night.  Coffee is my new best friend.  Housecleaning will have to wait until after finals (or the week of finals, when I need a distraction)

But this is just a stage of life.  Thankfully, a three-week stage.


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