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Old Navy sale!!

10 Dec

Last night after I had hit my study max, we decided to head out shopping for a few more Christmas gifts.

Old Navy has a ton of stuff on sale! Now, I’m not sure if the same things are on sale everywhere, but I was able to score a vest for $7, fleece pants for $8, a gym bag for $8, a new bra for $6, and a few tops for between $6 and $10. Some of their winter coats were under $30 and all boots, hats, scarves, etc. were on sale as well!

I love lululemon for athletic clothes, but there is no way that it’s in the budget right now. Old Navy are a decent substitute. If you’re in the market for anything (or just need a study break) I highly recommend stopping by.


Study tips

9 Dec

Well, I am halfway through my first semester of law school finals, and although I cannot say for sure how successful I will be as a student, I thought I’d share a few of the study tips/strategies that I’ve found most helpful.

1. You’ll get bit more burnt out about everything after each test. So before your first exam, do some serious studying/preparation for your last exam as well as your first.

2. Find the place(s) that are best for you to study and stick with them. For me, I have an oversized chair in my house, a coffee shop a few blocks away, and my local library. Now, I do live a good distance from my school (about 40 miles) but I hated studying in the library. Tried it, got overwhelmed just by the amount of stress, and said never again. I hit up school for review sessions, to go over practice exams, and to take my exams.

3. Realize there are only so many hours that you can study in a day. It’s different for everyone. Be realistic about it. If you’re one who can study 18 hours a day, then maybe you can just study for each exam in the few days before you take it. But if you’re a 6-hour person, you’re going to need a few more days.

4. Don’t push yourself beyond that limit- it increases burnout.

5. Fight burnout by doing things that other normal people do. I go to the gym just about every day and I eat dinner with Mr. Even if we’re only sitting down for 20 minutes and it’s a cereal night, it’s the mental break that matters.

6. Study groups are not for everyone. Don’t feel like you’re at a huge disadvantage if you aren’t a part of one.

7. Doing practice exams is a HUGE advantage. You’ll see how you work under the time constraints, get a feel for the types of questions that your professors ask, and you’ll be developing a skill that is completely separate from what you’re learning. Test-taking is a skill in itself and one that you can only get more skilled at with practice.

8. Give yourself breaks while you’re studying. When I’m doing a decent job of focusing, I’ll give myself 15 minutes for every hour spent studying. If the day isn’t going so well, then 10 minutes every half hour. While it may sound like a waste of time, it keeps me from walking away entirely.

9. I try to limit my coffee to a cup or two in the morning, and then drink tea during the day. Green tea especially keeps me caffinated, but not to the point of a stomach ache or jitters.

10. Get up every morning (including test days) and shower, get dressed. etc. Whatever your morning routine is- stick with it. Make like studying/testing is your ‘job’ and you’re likely to go about it with more diligence than if you’re wearing pajamas and a messy bun or baseball cap.

Ugh. (Or, Law School Finals.)

5 Dec

I am already over this madness that is law school finals and all of the stress and anxiety that surround it.  (And to you crazy people who study in the library – I cannot imagine why.  The stress in there would totally overtake me.)  I just have to keep reminding myself that in two weeks this will all be over.  (That, and that I did every single bit of my homework this semester.  That helps, too.  It makes me think I’m prepared.  HA!)

Notes are becoming outlines and then color-coded outlines, and then cheat sheets, and they are looked at endlessly.  Practice exams are being taken and ear plugs are being worn.  So are yoga pants, messy buns, and Uggs.  (Oh yes, I went there.)  Every breakfast is cereal or yogurt (less to clean up) and lunches and dinners are sandwiches.  All of them.  I don’t have time to think about anything else.  Two weeks from now this will all be over.

Now I must admit that I was one of those students that ‘just got by’ in undergrad without much effort.  Sure, I did all of my assignments and I studied for tests, but I didn’t do outlines, I didn’t do all of my reading all semester – heck, I didn’t even always go to class.  Not every law student was an intense undergraduate student.  And in case you were wondering, I still managed to do really well in undergrad.

But this is a different ball game.

So I guess that I’ll deal with cereal and sandwiches – and lots of coffee.  And everyone who sees me can deal with my yoga pants and Uggs.  Heck, I have finished an entire semester of law school.  I can do anything.  I am prepared to do this finals thing.  And I’m working hard in the hopes of doing very well, or at least the best that I can.  To the rest of you taking law school finals- and any other finals- we can do this.  Holiday break is almost here.  Finish strong.


New month, new goals

3 Dec

From the massive amounts of notes to myself all over my outline and to-do lists everywhere, I’m clearly a list-oriented person.  Here were my goals for November and how I did on them.  Remember these?  Me neither.  Guess I didn’t even look at them all that much!

Complete each week of Couch-2-5k – Eh.  Stopped and then started again.  So, failed but not forgotten.
Attend 3 group classes at my gym- FAIL.  Attended ZERO.
Lose five pounds. This should probably happen before Thanksgiving, where I will likely eat it all back.- PASS.

Stay level-headed in the stressfulness- Not sure why I put this one on here…the biggest stresses are happening now.
Properly edit my resume to reflect my student status PASS.  Resume edit complete!
Take one weeknight off from studying each week. PASS
Solidify my outlines before Thanksgiving holiday. FAIL.  Yeah, right.

Stick to our budget- Well, FAIL because we didn’t even really make a budget.


For December, I’m not going to include anything school-related.  Don’t want to go there right now.


Attend 3 group classes at my gym.  Carrying this one over, because I actually like it and will hopefully have more time.

Lose 5-8 pounds.  I can healthily lose 8 pounds in a month right now, buuuut Christmas and Christmas cookies might make that tough.


Finish moving in.  Sad, but true

Paint- bedroom and family room.

Hang curtains. (Make curtains?)

Do a deep-clean


It’s time for wardrobe edits.  I really should purchase/obtain a new pair of jeans, a few cardigans, a pair of winter dress pants, and a work blouse or two.

Finish Christmas shopping.

Make holiday chex mix.