New month, new goals

3 Dec

From the massive amounts of notes to myself all over my outline and to-do lists everywhere, I’m clearly a list-oriented person.  Here were my goals for November and how I did on them.  Remember these?  Me neither.  Guess I didn’t even look at them all that much!

Complete each week of Couch-2-5k – Eh.  Stopped and then started again.  So, failed but not forgotten.
Attend 3 group classes at my gym- FAIL.  Attended ZERO.
Lose five pounds. This should probably happen before Thanksgiving, where I will likely eat it all back.- PASS.

Stay level-headed in the stressfulness- Not sure why I put this one on here…the biggest stresses are happening now.
Properly edit my resume to reflect my student status PASS.  Resume edit complete!
Take one weeknight off from studying each week. PASS
Solidify my outlines before Thanksgiving holiday. FAIL.  Yeah, right.

Stick to our budget- Well, FAIL because we didn’t even really make a budget.


For December, I’m not going to include anything school-related.  Don’t want to go there right now.


Attend 3 group classes at my gym.  Carrying this one over, because I actually like it and will hopefully have more time.

Lose 5-8 pounds.  I can healthily lose 8 pounds in a month right now, buuuut Christmas and Christmas cookies might make that tough.


Finish moving in.  Sad, but true

Paint- bedroom and family room.

Hang curtains. (Make curtains?)

Do a deep-clean


It’s time for wardrobe edits.  I really should purchase/obtain a new pair of jeans, a few cardigans, a pair of winter dress pants, and a work blouse or two.

Finish Christmas shopping.

Make holiday chex mix.



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