Our weekly menu

17 Oct

Slightly short menu this week.  Mr. has a few late nights at work and we have lots of leftovers too.


Beef and broccoli – Anyone have a good recipe for this?

Fried egg sandwiches.  Fast, easy, and cheap.  And not totally terrible for you.

Stuffed squash- another recipe-less meal.  We generally stuff it with a grain, sausage, apple and breadcrumbs.

Citrus salmon over rice and vegetables


Sublime Sunday

17 Oct

Ah, okay.  That alliteration is pretty lame.  Moving on.

Today was a wonderful day in the Journey household.  It was the perfect mix of a relaxing Sunday and a productive one.

It started with a delicious breakfast out at a local cafe, while those who partied hard last night were still sleeping away their hangovers.  Homework happened after breakfast while Mr. was doing a few repairs around the apartment.  A lunch of leftovers was easy and quick, and followed by a long walk around our plan and then a short nap.  We woke up, made a trip to the gym, went grocery shopping, and came home and made dinner.

Now we are relaxing and preparing ourselves for the week ahead.

I’m about to hit the hay because I made a stupid comment about wanting to workout first thing in the morning this week- and someone decided to hold me to it.

The easiest treats ever

15 Oct

Mmmm, who doesn’t love the smell and taste of pumpkin in the fall?

We have a delicious pumpkin spice candle burning in our kitchen, I’ve enjoyed (maybe one too many) Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes*, and we’ve made our first batch of pumpkin soup.

The other night I was craving for something sweet and pumpkin-y while studying.  Seeing as I was short on time, it also had to be super easy.

The simplest pumpkin spice muffins (ever!) to the rescue!

I found a recipe online that called for one can of pumpkin + 1 box of cake mix.  Mix the two together and bake according to the directions on the cake box.

Let me tell you…they came out amazing.  I highly recommend this treat to any other pumpkin lovers out there, and I will be making this again very soon.


*Yes, I do know that there is no actual pumpkin in a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  Somehow I still manage to enjoy them regardless of this information.


14 Oct

Anyone else sensing that most every post that is not law school related is budget related?

Yeah – well, deal with it.  This is my blog and I’ll write about exactly what I want to.

So, I just had to record this story for my future self.  Bear with me.

I’m somewhat of a clothes snob.  It is the one area of my life where I really think I have tastes that are far beyond my budget.  Also- I don’t keep anything but very classic pieces for very long.

When planning out October’s budget, I noticed that we had a coming-home party/wedding reception (this couple never had one) for a military friend of ours.  Well, if that isn’t a good reason for a new dress, I don’t know what is.   When planning for the weekend, I included enough money in our budget for a gift, the hotel stay, travel expenses, and…yes, a new dress for me.

And if you couldn’t guess where this is going….I.didn’t.buy.one!  I dug into the recesses of our closets and wound up finding a dress that I have worn to a total of ONE formal event before.  It was almost a year ago, and I quickly got over the fact that several people that will be attending have already seen me in this dress.

While we did wind up saving the majority of the extra pennies from the weekend, we did splurge a bit on the gift for the couple, and gave a slightly larger gift than we normally would.

At this point in our lives, that’s a splurge that I feel much better about making.

October goals

10 Oct

Okay- I realize that this post is coming a good 1/3 of the way through October…but let me tell you, that is illustrative of my October thus far.

Midterms, writing assignments, and the panic of first semester exams seems to all come to a head in October.  While December and its exams are surely going to be stressful, we have the end of the month to relax and do nothing but consume copious amounts of alcohol/Christmas cookies/delicious foods – pick your poison.  Whatever you choose, students are rewarded for their efforts at the end of a semester with a long and relaxing break.

The same cannot be said for the midway point in the semester.  While my #1 goal is to keep as de-stressed as possible, I have a few other things that I would like to accomplish this month.  I figured that if I put them here for the world to see, I might have a decent shot at achieving at least some of them:

  • survive midterms (no, I do not have them in all of my classes) and all of the writing assignments due
  • begin end-of-semester outlines for each of my courses
  • lose 5 pounds
  • organize for Christmas: decoration ideas, gathering plans, trips home and other travel, and gift ideas.  I am a big believer in finishing all of my shopping by mid-November.
  • use our slow cooker at least once each week
  • paint our bedroom and hang photos
  • complete the Couch-2-5k each week

Our weekly menu

9 Oct

I’ve mentioned before (maybe not in so many words) that we are trying to live within a pretty strict budget this year.  There is simply not very much money coming in, and so we want to keep what is going out to a minimum.

One way that we do that is to try and plan our meals for the week in advance.  Both of us are foodies, and both of us like to cook- so eating at home is not a major life change for us.  The planning in advance and avoiding last-minute shopping trips is new though.

Here is a look at our menu for the upcoming week.  We generally only plan out Monday-Friday and then eat leftovers, meet up with others, go out, or go away on weekends.  We also like to put in one easy/inexpensive meal per week because sometimes we’re just too exhausted for even a simple dinner.  This is a fairly typical menu for us:

Monday: vegetarian burrito bowls

Tuesday: potato soup and garlic bread; greens

Wednesday: vegetarian spaghetti

Thursday: frozen pizza

Friday: lemon and caper chicken

And there you have it.  Thursday is almost always our most exhausted day.  We are not vegetarian (clearly- there is chicken on the menu), but we also don’t cook very much red meat.  In fact, I don’t think that red meat has been made in our new apartment yet.

Happy Friday

7 Oct

Right now, all I want to do on here is bemoan how difficult law school is and point out the fact that I am ready for first semester to be over. Instead, I think that I’ll leave some happier thoughts for a Friday:

• Congratulations to all of you who survived the LSAT –no, it’s not fun, and no, one test doesn’t determine everything. But quite often, preparing for that test shows someone how hard s/he can work at something. You’ll need that skill when you do start law school.
• I’ve lost about eight pounds since starting law school and I’m pretty excited about that! It’s not a lot of weight, but it’s an actual start to something, and because I carry all of my weight in one area, I actually can see a difference.
• Fall is really and truly here! I love the changing of seasons, and especially all of the stunning color on the trees.
• We’re taking a weekend away at the end of October. Hiking, pumpkin-patching, and chili-eating, here we come.
• We have finally gotten all of our moving-in tasks completed and the apartment now feels like ours.
• Meal planning is going well and our grocery bills are steadily decreasing.