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Old Navy sale!!

10 Dec

Last night after I had hit my study max, we decided to head out shopping for a few more Christmas gifts.

Old Navy has a ton of stuff on sale! Now, I’m not sure if the same things are on sale everywhere, but I was able to score a vest for $7, fleece pants for $8, a gym bag for $8, a new bra for $6, and a few tops for between $6 and $10. Some of their winter coats were under $30 and all boots, hats, scarves, etc. were on sale as well!

I love lululemon for athletic clothes, but there is no way that it’s in the budget right now. Old Navy are a decent substitute. If you’re in the market for anything (or just need a study break) I highly recommend stopping by.



14 Oct

Anyone else sensing that most every post that is not law school related is budget related?

Yeah – well, deal with it.  This is my blog and I’ll write about exactly what I want to.

So, I just had to record this story for my future self.  Bear with me.

I’m somewhat of a clothes snob.  It is the one area of my life where I really think I have tastes that are far beyond my budget.  Also- I don’t keep anything but very classic pieces for very long.

When planning out October’s budget, I noticed that we had a coming-home party/wedding reception (this couple never had one) for a military friend of ours.  Well, if that isn’t a good reason for a new dress, I don’t know what is.   When planning for the weekend, I included enough money in our budget for a gift, the hotel stay, travel expenses, and…yes, a new dress for me.

And if you couldn’t guess where this is going….I.didn’t.buy.one!  I dug into the recesses of our closets and wound up finding a dress that I have worn to a total of ONE formal event before.  It was almost a year ago, and I quickly got over the fact that several people that will be attending have already seen me in this dress.

While we did wind up saving the majority of the extra pennies from the weekend, we did splurge a bit on the gift for the couple, and gave a slightly larger gift than we normally would.

At this point in our lives, that’s a splurge that I feel much better about making.

Happy Friday

7 Oct

Right now, all I want to do on here is bemoan how difficult law school is and point out the fact that I am ready for first semester to be over. Instead, I think that I’ll leave some happier thoughts for a Friday:

• Congratulations to all of you who survived the LSAT –no, it’s not fun, and no, one test doesn’t determine everything. But quite often, preparing for that test shows someone how hard s/he can work at something. You’ll need that skill when you do start law school.
• I’ve lost about eight pounds since starting law school and I’m pretty excited about that! It’s not a lot of weight, but it’s an actual start to something, and because I carry all of my weight in one area, I actually can see a difference.
• Fall is really and truly here! I love the changing of seasons, and especially all of the stunning color on the trees.
• We’re taking a weekend away at the end of October. Hiking, pumpkin-patching, and chili-eating, here we come.
• We have finally gotten all of our moving-in tasks completed and the apartment now feels like ours.
• Meal planning is going well and our grocery bills are steadily decreasing.