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Ugh. (Or, Law School Finals.)

5 Dec

I am already over this madness that is law school finals and all of the stress and anxiety that surround it.  (And to you crazy people who study in the library – I cannot imagine why.  The stress in there would totally overtake me.)  I just have to keep reminding myself that in two weeks this will all be over.  (That, and that I did every single bit of my homework this semester.  That helps, too.  It makes me think I’m prepared.  HA!)

Notes are becoming outlines and then color-coded outlines, and then cheat sheets, and they are looked at endlessly.  Practice exams are being taken and ear plugs are being worn.  So are yoga pants, messy buns, and Uggs.  (Oh yes, I went there.)  Every breakfast is cereal or yogurt (less to clean up) and lunches and dinners are sandwiches.  All of them.  I don’t have time to think about anything else.  Two weeks from now this will all be over.

Now I must admit that I was one of those students that ‘just got by’ in undergrad without much effort.  Sure, I did all of my assignments and I studied for tests, but I didn’t do outlines, I didn’t do all of my reading all semester – heck, I didn’t even always go to class.  Not every law student was an intense undergraduate student.  And in case you were wondering, I still managed to do really well in undergrad.

But this is a different ball game.

So I guess that I’ll deal with cereal and sandwiches – and lots of coffee.  And everyone who sees me can deal with my yoga pants and Uggs.  Heck, I have finished an entire semester of law school.  I can do anything.  I am prepared to do this finals thing.  And I’m working hard in the hopes of doing very well, or at least the best that I can.  To the rest of you taking law school finals- and any other finals- we can do this.  Holiday break is almost here.  Finish strong.



Week in the life- Sunday

12 Sep

I thought it would be interesting (okay, maybe just for me!) to chronicle one week in my life as a law student each semester (more often?) so I can look back and remember exactly what my days were like – and maybe even how much fun I was having.  Sunday is always the start of a new week in my mind- so I figured I would start today, even though my school week starts tomorrow.

A few notes- at my school, all 1Ls and most 2Ls have classes Monday-Friday.  As of right now, I actually really like this schedule.  As a trade-off, we have one or two days each week that are lighter than others.  My classes are between 9:00am and 3:30 pm every day this semester.  While I like having all of my classes during the day, that could change as early as next semester.

Lastly, Sunday has always been my lightest homework-ing day.  I like to stay ahead a few days in class, so I generally begin my weekend homework on Thursday evening.

Here’s what today looked like:

7:45 am- wake up (ahh, sleeping in!)

8:00-10:00am – trip to the gym, watched a lot of the 9/11 coverage while riding one of the bikes; then we took a long-er route home than usual to help us get a feel for our new town

10:00am-noon: did lots of reading for Legal Writing (ironic?), and B made a breakfast

12:00-1:00- cleaning and a shower

1:00-4:00 pm- more studying, a snack-y lunch (pita and hummus and grapes) and a bit more unpacking

4:00-5:00- nap (gotta sleep where you can!)

5:00-6:30- more reading for Legal Writing while B made dinner

6:30-7:15- dinner, relaxing outside, and kitchen clean-up

7:15-7:50- made my lunch for tomorrow (sandwich, an apple, and a granola bar) and set my clothes and coffee mug out for the morning

8:00-9:00- write two briefs for the cases to be discussed in my classes tomorrow

9:00-10:00- put my week’s schedule into my planner while watching something on Netflix and then get ready for bed.

10:30- bedtime!